Marvel: Black Widow’s Teaser Trailer is out!!!

Marvel: Black Widow’s Teaser Trailer is out!!!


The most famous and the strong character of “Avengers” franchise, Black Widow is now coming in a solo movie.

Teaser is out a week ago and got a great review till now it got 36 million views on YouTube. Fans are loving it and desperately waiting for the movie.


The timeline of movie is set after the “Captain America: Civil War” and before the “Avengers: Infinity war”. After the “Civil War” Natasha was alone, and she has to face her past. There are some new characters in movie like another Black Widow who trained in Red Room with Natasha playing by Florence Pugh. Another friend of Natasha who is the counter of Captain America super the Russian Super-Solider his suit is red and somehow match to the suit of Captain America and character is playing by David Harbour. And there is special appearance in the movie, probably the most loving and best character of MCU Iron Man. Marvel hasn’t confirmed out, Iron Man is character who has a cameo in the movie, but we hope so it is.



Cate Shortland is directing the movie and the storyline is written by Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson. Walt Disney is distributing the movie. Movie is going to hit the theaters on May 1, 2020 in US. It is the second solo women hero movie by MCU, first one was the “Captain Marvel” portrayed by Brie Larson it was Block-Buster, hoping so “Black Widow” will too. In the Trailer  Scarlett Johansson aka Black widow is also seen in her comic famous white suit.

You can watch the trailer by clicking this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxAtuMu_ph4



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