Water and Health…

Water and Health

Water is necessary for life. It helps maintain body temperature and body fluids levels. It also improves performance, lubricates the joints, and protects several body organs and tissues. Most importantly, it helps to excrete the wastes out of the body. Further, drinking water regularly can prevent several chronic diseases like obesity and can also cure acne.

The importance of water in the human body can be determined by the fact that approximately 55 to 60% of human’s body weight comprised of water. Moreover, around 75% of the lean mass and 25% of the fat mass is water. Dehydration is a condition that results if the water lost from the body is not replaced, and its first sign is thirst. Persistent dehydration can lead to weakness, exhaustion, delirium and eventually death. Therefore, is important to drink water as per the recommended amount.

Adequate total intake of water

As per the DRI committee, it is recommended that a person who consumes approximately 2000 calories per day should drink 2-3 litres of water, i.e. 8 -12 cups. However, the total intake of water not only means the drinking water but also the water from other sources like foods and beverages.


Sources of water



Water can easily be obtained from various sources, but the most important source of water is water itself. Milk, fruits and vegetables

are also a good source as they can provide up to 90% of water. Whereas, meat, grains and cereals provide a very least amount of water.



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