Money Heist’ Season 4 Coming to Netflix in April 2020….

‘Money Heist’ Season 4 Coming to Netflix in April 2020


Money Heist is returning to Netflix for season 4 that’s now confirmed for release globally on April 3rd, 2020.


   One of the main characters of the previous seasons, Alex Pina, confirmed that filming and production of the series directly followed season Part 3, which wrapped up earlier in 2018.

The news came from a press conference last week where Alex Pina confirmed the fourth part of the show had already begun filming.

With the news of the Season 4 premiere date, Netflix dropped the dramatic short teaser trailer and you can watch it on internet.


Seasons one, two, and three are available on Netflix. The company offers a free one-month trial before charging $9 to $16 a month, depending on the streaming quality you prefer.

What to expect from Money Heist season 4

Warning: spoilers for season 3 follow so if you haven’t caught up, this is your last warning. 


Let’s quickly run through the events of Money Heist Part 3. The band is back together again to perform an even bigger heist than the first one. All of it, however, is a ruse to try and rescue one of their members who has been captured.

Fast forward to episode 8 and we get a glimpse that the stakes have been upped dramatically. It’s an all-out war.

The Professor believes Raquel to be dead and calls for DEFCON 2 which results in the use of RPG’s against a tank rolling into storm the Bank of Spain.

Nairobi’s fate looks bleak given her bullet wound and the Professor’s plan is seemingly up in the air with the new police negotiator firmly in control. Some fans have speculated the fact that Nairobi failed to appear in a recent recap could mean she’s now done for. However, in the official date reveal she has been confirmed to be back.










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    Berlin’s Back!!!!

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