Places To Visit In Hunza Valley…!!!

Places To Visit In Hunza Valley…!!!


Hunza Valley have many eye catching and astonishing sites to watch for the travel


List Of Places To Visit In Hunza Valley Is Given Below:



  • Attabad Lake

  • Altit Fort

  • Baltit Fort

  • Rakaposhi Peak

  • Karimabad

  • Gulmit

  • Borith Lake

  • Rush Lake

  • Sost




Let’s discuss some details about these places :




                              Attabad lake is one of the most amazing lakes in Pakistan.

It length is 13 miles and the depth is almost 358 feet.


Altit Fort:

                       Altit Fort is located in Karimabad.

Altit Fort was used as a residence by a prince about 1100 years ago.

Baltit Fort:

                       Another ancient Fort in Hunza Valley is Baltit Fort.

Baltit Fort was founded about 600 years ago.



RakaPoshi Peak:

                              The view of RakaPoshi Peak can be seen from anywhere in hunza. RakaPoshi is present in the Karakoram Range and its height is 7788 meters.




                       KarimAbad is the capital of Hunza.


                       Gulmit is the gateway to khunjrab pass.

The enormous passu cones can be seen form Gulmit.

Borith Lake:

                       Borith Lake is one of the beautiful lakes present in the valley of Gulmit.

It has the surface elevation of 25000 meters.

Rush Lake:

                       Rush Lake is located in the Nagar Valley.

It has the surface elevation of 4694 meters.



              Sost is a village along-side the KKH which is a gateway to China.



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