Is it important to have breakfast…?

Is it important to have breakfast..?



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but unfortunately, it is the most skipped. It is essential because it has several health benefits which are as follows:

  • Breaks the overnight fast.
  • Helps to improve metabolism.
  • Refuels the energy stores, i.e. glycogen reserves.
  • Provides energy and improves energy levels.
  • Improves blood sugar levels.
  • Improves cognition.
  • Provides the essential nutrients and enhances their absorption.
  • High fibre, nutrient-dense breakfast may reduce appetite and hunger.
  • Helps to regulate the weight.
  • Improves the mood.
  • Improves the body’s performance.
  • Reduces excess energy intake throughout the day.
  • Improves overall health and enhances the quality of life.
  • Decreases the risk of chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, obesity.

Therefore, everyone should consume breakfast to remain healthy and fit.



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