12 Exciting Things Happen Around The World In One Day..

12 Exciting Things Happen Around The World In One Day…


World is a big place where lots and lots of things happen on planet Earth there are many exciting things happen let’s talk about few of them.



Lets discuss some points here:


  1. About 370,000 babies are born on Earth every day.


  1. Each Person Heart will beat for Approximately 105,000 times in a day


  1. Each person on Earth will inhale Oxygen about 23,000 times


  1. Every person will speak about 50 thousand words in a day.


  1. Every Person will spend approximately 20 to 25 minutes in a toilet.


  1. Around 9 Million Lightning strikes will occur around the globe.



  1. About 15 to 20 million people will have their birthdays.



  1. Around 200 million Eggs are produced in the world.



  1. Around 70 thousand trees are cut down every day to make paper  and toilet paper.



  1. Each person on Earth takes around 10 thousand steps on the average each day.




  1. Every person on earth laughs about 5 times a day on the average.



  1. Around 5 to 10 earthquakes takes place in one day.



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