5 odd places on earth…

5 odd places on earth…


Earth is the most beautiful planet in the entire universe and is full of beautiful places. Besides beautiful places, several strange and odd places are also present that can astonish us. Here is a collection of images of these places, compiled by google earth.

Sandy Island, the Phantom island


Sandy Island is the Mysterious phantom island. It existed on the map for about more than a century near the French territory of New Caledonia between the Chesterfield Islands and Nereus Reef in the eastern Coral Sea. In 2012, was removed from the map because when the scientists sailed there, they found nothing, just the water.

Puzzling pentagram


A pentagram of about 1200 feet is present in a deserted area of Kazakhstan. Strangely, this pentagram is also enclosed by a circle. At first, it was thought to be a place for devil worship, dark religious sects or habitués of the underworld. But later it was found to be just an outline of a star-shaped park.

Iraq’s blood lake


Another odd place that can be seen via google earth is Iraq’s blood lake. It lies right outside the city of Sadr. As per the rumours, colour is due to the dumping of the blood of sacrificed animals by butchers. But, still, no one knows the exact cause of the red colour of this mysterious lake.

Island in a Lake on an Island in a Lake on an Island


It is the world’s largest island which is only a four-acre piece of land in Canada. This yet unnamed island lies within the middle of a small lake that itself surrounded by a slightly larger island. Further, which is enclosed within a network of long finger-like lake present about 75 miles inland from the southern coast of Victoria Island. It is said that no one has ever stepped afoot here on this strange place.

Landlocked lips


Landlocked lips are formed by two hills that covers the area of about half a mile. These luscious are present in the Gharb region of Sudan’s West Darfur state.




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