El Clasico Crucial for both the sides…

El Clasico Crucial for both the sides…


Stage has been set for LaLiga’s 2nd El Clasico for the season 2019-20.

It’s a crucial time for both the teams, as both of them having their hard times. Los Blancos have recently lost their home game against Guardiola’s City in UCl whereas Barcelona is trying to work things out with their new manager.

Currently, Barcelona is on top of the LaLiga table ahead of Real Madrid with 2 clear points. However, things would be different at Santiago Bernabeu as Madrid would try their luck hard to crush Barcelona at their home to give their fans some joy.



Barcelona would be playing first time under Quique Setein tactics. As their recent form in LaLiga it seems that they had started to understand what their new manager wants them to do. Although it would be difficult to beat Zidane’s hungry Madrid, yet Setein is very optimistic and have faith in his team.

In his interview ahead of Clasico he stated that:

“It could be an important day. A victory would give us an advantage but that would not be enough”.

“The reality is that I don’t trust the dynamics. In these matches, the past is forgotten. The present is a premium”.


“All the matches are different. For Madrid, this match is surely vital, surely more important than for us in terms of the situation and the time that may remain [in the season]”.


“For Madrid, it is a key and decisive match. I don’t know if it’s decisive but, very important. I don’t trust anything. It will be competitive, there will be phases [of the match] that we will master and others that we will not”.


“Madrid at home and on any pitch are always dangerous”.


“These feelings are forgotten when the match begins. You don’t think about the consequences

but about playing and doing your best”.


When asked about his meeting with Pep after City beaten Madrid, he said “I wasn’t there to see Pep, I was there to see the game,”.




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