Islam and Terrorism…

Islam and Terrorism…


Yes, you read it right. In past 10 to 15 years terrorism has escalated very quickly. Due to various incidents of terrorism that involved Muslims the world has related Islam to Terrorism.



Ethically, it would be harsh to see the ideology of a Religion or a Nation on an events done by some of the people following that Religion or of that Nation. In case of Islam, the best way to understand Islam is to Read the Holy Quran or to Read about the life of Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him. Muslims are only the people that tries to walk on the path specified to them by their God as in every other Religion. Now if couple of people misinterprets the teaching of Quran and do some kind of mischief that doesn’t means that all Muslims are evil.



Terrorism is just a state of mind where one loses its temper and tries to solve things by oppression or by aggression. He simply believes that only He is right and every other person has to follow him. In reality, that’s not the case. Everybody has its own life and ideas.



If we observe Islamic teachings, Islam does not stop people to act upon their wishes. Islam simply forbids people to act upon the wishes of Devil. Islam allows you to act upon your wish but bounds you within some limits.



e.g. You’re allowed to fulfil your happiness in whatever manner you would like considering that nobody gets harm or feels violated.



To conclude, we can say that there are some people that have misinterpreted the teachings of Islam to their own wish. These people have nothing to do with Islamic Teachings and surely they will be held accountable for this by the ALLAH.

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