7 Diets that has Negative Effect on your mind Memory…

7 Diets that has Negative Effect on your mind Memory…



Diet has a major role in our healthy lifestyle. There are things that are essential for our health. For nourishment of mind and body one’s diet is very important. We cannot overlook importance of diet in our lives but do you know that there are some diets that has adverse effect on our lives? These diets can have vulnerable effect on your minds .Using them on daily basis can slowly drain your brain.

The Diets that can have really bad effect on your memory are as follow:



1.     Diet containing Sugar

Sugar can not only cause fat in your body but can also cause damage your brain organs. Long term use of sugar can cause brain disease. It also weakens our ability to remember things.


2.     Junk Food

Recent researches has shown that use of junk or fast food can disturb our natural brain chemicals. Their use can stimulate despair and fear in one’s mind. It also effects the happiness hormone of our body known as Dopamine that can harm our ability to learn and also effects our determination.


3.     Oily Diet

All processed foods are compose of chemicals, dyes, artificial colors and these kind of other components. These components are very unfriendly to human brain organs. These kind of foods can slowly destroy our nervous cells.



4.     Too Much Salt

It is said that excessive use of salt can cause high blood pressure and has negative effect on heart as well but a research has shown that it ca also cause damage to brain organs and is bad for a person’s thinking ability. In other words, too much salt can have bad result on our intelligence.


5.     Trans Fat

Trans fats, or trans-fatty acids, are a form of unsaturated fat. It triggers various problems. From heart problems to cholesterol level it causes various disease. Other than this, it is not good for our brain system too. It can cause stroke and also effects the performance of mind.


6.     Artificial Sweets

When people try to lose weight they replace sugar with artificial sweetness. It is possible that they contain low calories but it is hazardous in other manners. Its long term use affects brain and causes brain system to collapse slowly.


7.     Fizzy drinks

Carbonated drinks for example cold drinks can also harm our brain system and it not only put on our weight but also affects our brain  system badly. So as far as possible try to avoid them .

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