Argentina has imposed tax on 12000 rich people

Due to the uncontrollable situation of Corona virus, 12,000 rich people have been taxed in the South American country of Argentina to deal with the Code 19 epidemic.

The millionaire tax on coronavirus in Argentina will be spent on medical equipment and relief activities.

Argentina’s Senate approves tax on 12,000 millionaires

The corona virus has claimed 39,632 lives in Argentina, with 1,459,832 cases reported so far.

In South Korea, restrictions on social gatherings are likely to be tightened due to fears of a third wave of Corona.

In South Korea, 631 cases of corona virus have been reported in 24 hours, compared to 583 confirmed a day earlier.

The all out loss of life from the Covid-19 in South Korea has ascended to 545, with 37,546 affirmed cases up until now.

Rising cases of the corona virus in the African nation of Congo have made it difficult to help those affected, and medical staff have run out of oxygen stocks.

The Republic of Congo has so far announced 94 deaths from the Covid-19 and 5,774 corona cases.

Another 12,923 cases of corona virus were reported in France yesterday.

The absolute loss of life from the Covid-19 flare-up in France has ascended to 54,981, with a sum of 2,281,475 cases detailed up until now.

Corona cases continue to decline in Italy, but 21,000 corona cases have been reported in 24 hours.

Total numbers of deaths in Italy from corona virus are 59514, and 1,799,991 new cases.

Germany to spend 6 billion euros on coronavirus vaccination

The death toll from the corona virus outbreak in Germany has risen to 18,975, with 1,170,955 confirmed cases so far.

On the other hand, the number of people infected with the corona virus has reached 66,857,969 worldwide, while the death toll from this deadly virus has risen to 1,534,570.

Around the world, 19,079,202 corona virus patients are being treated in hospitals, quarantine centers and in isolation at home, of which 15,972 are in critical condition and 46,244,197 corona The patients have recovered.

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