Not only physical health, mental health is also important

It is certainly good that in today’s day, mental health is equally important as physical health, otherwise there was a time when a person was unaware of his mental health and mental problems such as strius and dispersion were not recognized as ‘diseases’.
Happiness and sorrow are part of life . Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad. And when a man is depressed or upset, this problem affects his normal life. The dispersion affects the feelings of a human and also negatively affects his entire body and more of the dispersion will keep the person’s smiling life in a way. Mental health problems also make the victim feel a lot more intense with common emotional pain that no one easily understands because they do not experience it. Some common mental health issues are as follows, which can affect any individual.

1۔ Stress or stress
2۔ Anxiety or anxiety
3۔ Problems with depression or mental emotional stress or condition arising from severe psychological blow

Causes of mental health disorders

In most cases, the exact cause of mental health disorders is not clearly understood, but some factors are commonly seen for mental health disorders, such as the birth factors, changes in brain biochemistry, the unbalanced level of the level of the neurotransmitter, environmental factors, socio-economic background, high-stressed job, drugs and alcohol ism.
Sometimes some negative factors are also harmful to mental health such as job loss, the passing away of a close loved or friend, separation, sickness, financial loss, etc. All these events can happen in the life of anyone who influences our thinking style and even our physical and mental health.

Sign of disorder

Symptoms of mental health disorder sinus are not just linked to the brain. Physical symptoms also show some signs. Some of the symptoms of these disorders are as follows:

* Stress – Lack of interest, slowing down of mind, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, fatigue

* Anxiety – Feeling anxious or anxious, feeling severe lying, heart rate rise, personation, shivering, heart

* Problems of mental and emotional stress or a condition caused by severe psychological trauma – memories of past trauma, avoiding talking about the event, negative thoughts and hopeless future, emotional sense, self-harm behavior, easily becoming afraid.

Affected people can also improve their mental health by following the following advice.

Share Trouble

Your doctor can’t just tell you you’re under pressure. Therefore, it is important to make your situation informed by the doctor. If your body is affected by any worry or anxiety, it can be more harmful to keep such things in the heart. Tell your problem to your close partner and doctor so that they can guide you right.

Be positive

Don’t give yourself a ride, but it doesn’t mean to make yourself happy even in a state of anxiety or trauma. Look at the positives of life with an effort to overcome negative feelings abyss or trauma. Research proves that positive thinking people have a much better quality of life. Find a solution to address problems from your life and take the time to enjoy good moments.

Physical labour

Physical and mental labor means exercise comforts you. Practicing deep breathing, meditation and visualizing good things in silence can also calm yourself down.

Give yourself importance

Giving importance to yourself means not to stop being taken care of in busy life and frustration. Take care of your daily routine, use healthy foods in foods and eat them on time, sleep completely and calmly, exercise to drive stress, etc.

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