If the opposition resigns, we will hold elections immediately. Imran Khan

The opposition wants to spread chaos in the country. Answering various questions during a meeting with journalists and columnists in Islamabad, he said that if there is confidence in the opposition, then I am also confident because there is no way in the constitution that if someone resigns or the government If there is a sit-in or a rally, the government will fall.
The government can fall only according to the procedure laid down in the constitution. He said that PDM’s campaign was in fact a campaign to spread chaos. I know the opposition has support from abroad, some foreign powers want to spread chaos in Pakistan and it is a concerted effort that has created this situation in Pakistan.
Some countries do not want to see Pakistan develop, the opposition wants the government to use force and bloodshed so that things go the other way and the government The government will not use force if it suffers from instability.
To a question, the Prime Minister said that not going to the IMF on time was the biggest mistake. The IMF wants to raise electricity prices, but we are an obstacle. He said that local body elections would be held in April 2021 after the Senate elections.
He further said that there were problems in Punjab due to the old political affiliation of the bureaucracy. The Prime Minister said that 40 League leaders are occupying government lands.
The Prime Minister also said that he wanted to answer questions in the Assembly but was not allowed to speak.
To a question, the Prime Minister said that the army never put any obstacle in front of me. Every policy has the full support of the military. Pakistan’s role in the peace process in Afghanistan was my policy that wars are not the solution to the problems that the army supported.
The Prime Minister said that if the opposition wants to remove me, then bring a no-confidence motion. The Prime Minister said The confidence of the opposition behind this movement can be supported by two countries. The prime minister did not name the two countries, but said he knew which two countries were supporting the opposition. Some countries never want Pakistan’s economy to be strong.
The Prime Minister said that everything in the opposition is happening with a plan. The Prime Minister said that we also made a mistake that we did not carry out institutional reforms immediately. Long-term planning has begun, which is our greatest achievement. Two new cities are being planned, two new dams are being built, a health card and a sense program have been launched.
He said that if NAB was abolished today, the opposition would come and sit in the assemblies. The Prime Minister said that my struggle is continuing and I will win in Insha Allah. This is a war of the rule of law. We are on the right track, the economy is improving, the corrupt political mafia The system is not working, I want to tell them the system will work anyway. I want a democracy with merit.
The Prime Minister said that after Mahathir Mohamad, a Najib also came to Malaysia who was Nawaz Sharif of Malaysia. We know that it is a difficult time but victory will be mine inshallah. “We will respect the court’s decision and try to find a way out,” he said. We are going to have a meeting on this, inshallah one way or another will definitely come out. There are options, if Hafeez Sheikh had to be removed due to NAB case, then we have the option. To a question, he said that the writ of the government is not weak, governments are not weak. We will not fall into the trap of holding opposition meetings. I am also the master of meetings, long marches and sit-ins. Opposition should fulfill their passion. If you want to give, give it, we will hold elections.
When asked if he is satisfied with his financial team, he said no one can be satisfied but now inshallah it will be better

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