How to protect children’s health in winter

Newborns need more protection and care in the winter, newborns catch colds quickly, it is difficult to protect children from the effects of the weather, but it is not impossible, a few steps related to children’s health Problems can be avoided.

According to pediatricians, precautionary measures can be taken to prevent winter health problems in children. Can be done

The health of the baby is directly linked to the mother. If the mother follows a few tips while caring for the baby, these actions can be beneficial.

How to take care of children?

According to pediatricians, first of all, keep your baby clean on a daily basis, bathe the baby with lukewarm water in winter, before massaging the baby’s body thoroughly with any standard baby oil.

After bathing, let the baby sit in the sun for a while.

To protect your child from the cold, do not use warm clothes constantly, it can cause sweating and cold sweating can also cause the child to cough and catch a cold.

Protect children from dehydration in winter, give the child lukewarm water from time to time so that the body does not become dehydrated.

Give the baby a small amount of honey daily to protect him from the cold.

Don’t keep the heater on all the time, it can harm the baby.

Always wear a baby’s dry diaper at night, change the baby’s diaper every 6 to 8 hours.

If your baby’s skin starts to look red and cracked due to the weather, use products that contain vitamins A and D or that are made especially for children.

Mothers who breastfeed their babies need to be very careful, so they should avoid cold water, cold drinks and cold things in winter.

How to protect children’s skin for centuries?

More attention than ever to protect children’s skin in cold weather, cold weather dries the skin which causes itchy skin and reduces skin moisture.

The above problems can be overcome by adopting some precautionary measures.


Do not take the baby out immediately after bathing. After bathing, apply moisturizer all over the baby’s body so that the baby’s body does not become dehydrated. Use a good lotion or olive oil from head to toe. ۔

Children’s clothing in winter

In cold weather, the baby should wear warm clothes, but they should not be so hot that they start sweating. Soft, warm clothes are suitable for baby skin, because in cold weather, baby’s skin becomes softer.

Mothers themselves should wear warm clothes and make dried fruits an integral part of their diet because if the mother stays healthy then the baby will also stay healthy.

In winter, it is important to take special care that the child’s bed does not stay wet for a long time, otherwise he may become very ill.

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